Car Tyre


● Multi-sipe design, improved grip performance on snow and icy grounds, to guarantee its smooth drive and braking performance

● Tread block design, high cross density, improved winter performance.

● 3D shoulder profile, good traction and braking performance in very rough conditions.

● Curved main groove design, increased tread rigidness, to avoid irregular under high load.

● Low sea-land ratio (Non-saturated) tread design, improved crown rigidness and loading capacity. 

Parámetros técnicos

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
205/55R1691/94H/V6.5J7.6 214632615/670350/340
215/45R1787/91W7J7.7 213626545/615350/340
205/50R1789W6.5J7.8 214638580350
215/40R1787W7.5J7.8 218604545340
215/55R1794W7J7.8 226668670350
225/45R1791W7.5J7.7 225634615350
235/45R1794/97W8J7.7 236644670/730350/340
235/50R1796/100W7.5J7.7 245668710/800350/340
235/40R1891/95W8.5J7.7 241645615/690350/340
245/40R1893/97W8.5J7.7 248653650/730350/340
245/45R18100W8J7.7 243677800340
235/35R1987/91W8.5J7.7 241647545/615350/340
245/40R1994/98W8.5J7.7 248679670/750350/340
245/35R2095W8.5J7.7 248680690340

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