● 1: Take a panorama on the defective side, make a number for it and mark the defective part.

● 2: Give a close shot on the defective part and write the serial number beside it.

a) Example one, the bead area crack as photo indicate

b) Example two, the sidewall bulge, should be cut and take photos to judge clearly

* Shoulder bulge
* Bead bulge

c) The turn-out cord of bead area

Take a panorama and a close shot on the turn-out part
Prize the turn-out cord and take photos
Take the photo of inner part

d) Tread separation

e) Cord shadowing in a small area

● 3: Measure the tread depth

● 4: Fill the Claim Application Form and send it back to Automax Tyre Company

● 5: The factory technician will check all the pictures carefully and give a initial judgement. If necessary, the technician will go and check the tyres in person.

● 6: Effect compensation according to the the claim policy.