Car Tyre


● Rib type pattern and solid CL longitudinal ribs, high rubber volume and stiffer centerline for optimum mileage and precise handling

● Narrow shoulder block lateral grooves and four main central grooves to improved grip performance during wet breaking for shorter breaking distances and increased safety

● Advanced digital simulation for optimize tread design to improve footprint pressure distribution for reduced rolling resistance providing fuel economy

Parámetros técnicos

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
165/70R1379T5.00B7.3 17562437350
175/70R1382H5J7.3 177576475350
165/60R1475H5J7.3 70554387350
165/65R1479H5J7.3 170570437350
165/70R1485T5J7.3 170588515340
175/65R1482H5J7.3 177584475350
175/70R1488H5J7.3 177602560340
175/80R1488H5J7.3 177636560350
185/60R1486H5.5J7.3 189578530340
185/65R1486H5.5J7.0 189596530350
185/70R1488/92H5.5J7.3 189616560/630350/340
195/60R1486H6J7.3 201590530350
195/70R1495H6J7.3 21630690340
165/65R1581H5J7.3 170595462350
175/60R1581H5J7.3 177591462350
175/65R1584/88T/H5J7.3 177609500/560350/350
185/60R1588H5.5J7.3 189603500/560340/350
185/65R1588H5.5J7.0 189621560350
195/50R1582V6J7.3 201577475350
195/55R1585V6J7.3 201595515350
195/60R1588V6J7.3 201615560350
195/65R1595V6J7.3 201635690340
205/65R1594H7J7.3 209647670350
205/70R1596H6J7.6 209669710350
215/65R15100H6.5J7.6 221661800340
215/70R1598H6.5J7.6 221683750350
225/70R15100T6.5J7.8 228697800350
205/55R1694V6.5J7.6 214632670340
225/60R1698V6.5J7.6 228676750350
235/60R16100H7J7.8 240688800350
225/65R17102T6.5J7.8 228724850350

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