Off Road


Off Road/All Positions Triangle

● Deeper tread depth, longer service life.

● Rugged block design for improved traction performance and cut & tear resistance.

● Open wide groove design brings good self-cleaning and heat dissipation.

● High-strength carcass ply and belt package design, good durability.

● Designed for all position of short-haul trucks, dump trucks, and trailers. Suitable for mining service.

Parámetros técnicos

SizePRLoad IndexSpeed IndexStandard RimTread Depth (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Section Width (mm)Max Load (kg)Pressure (kpa)
9.00R2016144/142F7.00 23.0 10192592800/2650900
10.00R2018149/146F7.50 24.0 10542783250/3000930
11.00R2018152/149F8.00 24.5 10852933550/3250930
12.00R2018154/151F8.50 25.5 11253153750/3450830
12.00R2020156/153F8.50 25.5 11253154000/3650900
12.00R2022158/155F8.50 25.5 11253154250/3875970
295/80R22.518152/149J9.00 24.5 10442983550/3250900

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